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i want

  • affection 

i have absolutely no idea what to do with and am pretty much uncomfortable with and confused by

  • affection

Title: Louis & Harry's Love Songs
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A compilation of Strong, Happily & Don’t Let Me Go displaying Louis & Harry speaking to each other with writing songs, enjoy.


My hands, your hands
Tied up like two ships
Drifting, weightless
Waves try to break it
I’d do anything to save it
Why is it so hard to save it?
You don’t understand, you don’t understand
What you do to me when you hold his hand
We were meant to be, but a twist of fate

My heart, your heart, sit tight like book ends
Pages between us, written with no end
So many words we’re not saying
Made it so we had to walk away
Don’t want to wait till it’s gone
You make me strong

I’m sorry , if I say, I need you
But I don’t care I’m not scared of love
I don’t care what people say when we’re together
You know I wanna be the one who holds you when you sleep
Cause when I’m not with you I’m weaker
Is that so wrong? Is it so wrong?
I just want it to be you and I forever
I know you wanna leave so come on baby be with me so happily
People always, trying to escape it
Move on to stop their heart breaking
But there’s nothing I’m running from
You make me strong

So baby, hold on, to my heart,
I’ll keep my eyes wide open
I’ll keep my arms wide open
Need you to keep me from falling apart
Don’t let me
Don’t let me
Don’t let me go
I’ll always hold on
Cause you make me strong

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I wanna live like this llama

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Life hack: if someone makes a racist/sexist joke, say, with total seriousness, “I don’t get it, can you explain it”

Then watch them crash and burn



By: hattalove

"Where are we?"
"Um. A little while out of London?" Niall tries, seemingly the only one willing to not be mysterious and provide Harry with information, and. Oh. 
"London London? As in, the capital of England London?" he asks, just in case he’d misheard. 
"No, the other London," Louis laughs, low and biting. He comes closer finally, the moonlight just enough to reveal a sharp-cut jaw and pale skin. "Sorry, Pup."
Nobody’s ever called Harry a “pup”. Frankly, he finds it quite insulting, but he lets it slide to try and comprehend his current crisis.

or the one where harry gets bitten by a werewolf. louis is the mysterious not-quite alpha, liam and zayn have Things going on, niall is their token human, and together, they watch a lot of TV.

Words: 146,799

May 2011 / May 2012 / May 2013 / May 2014


not everyone, anon! i’m here for ya. after all, the one word louis picked to describe himself was

but - that was old, young, louis, right? he’s not like that any more!